Caught in a Web (Why I’m Sold on Cinematic Spider-man)

This post contains spoilers for both Captain America: Civil War and the Marvel comics series Civil War published in 2006-2007.

Okay, so I saw Civil War and I loved it. It’s not perfect, but it was a thrill and all the elements I was hopefully optimistic about exceeded my expectations. Tony Stark being Tony? Check. Cap being Cap? Check. Big team fights? Check. Black Panther? Was way cooler than I expected. Ant-man? Funny… and giant!

Okay, so there was one thing I wasn’t hopeful for – I was flat out against it. Spider-man.

Toby Maguire as Peter Parker (Columbia Pictures)

Ever since it was announced in February of 2015 I was against Spider-man being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe it’s because I had simply made peace with the fact that due to licensing Spidey was never coming to the MCU (Sony owned the rights to make Spider-man films, just like Fox owns the movie rights for The X-Men and everything mutant). There was certainly good reason to want Spider-man in the Marvel films since he is a huge part of the Marvel Universe in the comics and even lives in New York where the bad guys always seem to attack; he’s been in and out of the Avengers more times than it’s worth counting and probably teamed up at least once with every Marvel character out there. More importantly he had a pretty big role to play in the first Civil War event that took place in the comics. More on that in a moment.

As far I was concerned the Avengers movie franchise had been doing just fine without him, and Spider-man/Peter Parker is just so different than the other heroes. Many of the characters in the MCU are larger than life, and so… serious. I mean, not deadly serious, and Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-man have definitely shown us the lighter side of the MCU, but I just couldn’t picture Spider-man on the same screen as Cap, or Bucky (The Winter Soldier). Also, we’d seen Peter get bitten by a radio active spider enough times that I really didn’t want another reboot. Just let it go. Accept the cinematic failure-to-Spider-man.

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker (Colombia Pictures)

So it’s announced that Marvel and Sony have made a deal and he’s going to be in Captain America: Civil War. Okay, neat. His part in the comics was a pivotal moment for the character. Tony Stark had been mentoring Parker for a while (they’re both science and technology geniuses, but Stark has all the money) and before the ‘war’ had given Parker the, “Shit’s gonna get real, and I need you to trust me and maybe do something for me” talk. That something would later turn out to be publicly registering under the Superhuman Registration act (The Sokovia Accords in the film) and unmasking himself at a public press conference as a show of good faith (the Act required heroes to abandon their secret identities). Peter Parker was the first person to ‘break the internet’ (sorry Kim) as nearly everyone in the world who had heard of Spider-man (he was famous), but had never heard of this kid named Peter Parker and immediately Googled him. It was such a huge turning point for the character that it was later retconned (retro-continuity) by literally making a deal with a devil (Mephisto, to be specific) to have everyone forget that it ever happened… because, comics, right? That kind of thing is usually just reserved for when a character dies, so it was a pretty big deal.

I just couldn’t see how this public un-masking was going to work in the film and feel authentic. They can’t just introduce Spider-man, make us care about him, and all the people he’s trying to protect by keeping his identity secret, and then have him reveal himself 40 minutes later. Spider-who? Aunt-what?! No one in the MCU has even heard of him anyway, and as an audience we’ve only just met him! Well, fortunately the movie version wasn’t about secret identities at all, and besides, who in the MCU has a secret identity anyway (especially since Natasha Romanov/Black Widow released all of S.H.E.I.L.D.’s documents into the wild)? Also, in the books, Spidey has a change of heart during the ‘war’ when he realizes he may have joined the wrong side and drops Tony, joining Cap’n Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers. Again, hefty stuff and another huge moment for a movie that’s only (only, ha) two and a half hours long and has at least 10 ‘main’ characters. My mind just screamed, “shoe horn!” I wanted none of it.

Well, post movie release, and I know I’m not the first to say it, but I thought the inclusion of Spider-man was… well, amazing! One of the reasons the Avengers films work so well is that this huge cast of characters has been established, some characters over the course of 5 movies; you don’t need to explain Captain America’s motivations, or that he’s enhanced with super-soldier serum. You don’t need to go into detail about The Vision being a weird android thing (okay, they touched on a little of that, but it was development). Fortunately writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely trusted the audience to know who the heck Spider-man is. His introduction was brilliant; it’s been only 6 months since the spider bite but he’d already been doing Spidey crime-fighting. We didn’t need to see him explore and test out his powers, create web forumula (or discover it shooting from his wrists, ew) or watch him prototype his costume, although there was still a great riff on the trope with Tony making fun of his get-up and later calling him ‘Underoos’. We did get see him flex some of his powers via videos on YouTube and it was enough. It’s all we needed to see to say, “Yup, this is Spider-man”. Sure, this isn’t exactly how Peter Parker’s origin story goes in the comics, but it’s a great modern take on his origin, one that feels fresh, but still near to the core of Spider-man’s character. Spidey fell into exactly the place it makes sense for him to be in the MCU, and being by Tony’s side is more true to the source material than many other things we’ve be made to accept (like Tony’s creation of Ultron, rather than Hank Pym).

Tom Holland as Spider-man (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

I’m actually super excited that they chose to have Tony introduce Spider-man to the world of the Avengers this way. This shows us something from the comics that could never have been explored in film before; certainly not in Sony’s two previous Spider-man incarnations. This is a smart, young (so young!), optimistic Peter Parker mentoring under an experienced, grizzled and somewhat damaged Tony Stark, an established character we’ve been following now through 5 movies. I actually left the theatre excited for Homecoming, 2017’s Spider-man solo film – when just two and a half hours earlier I would have sulked and said, “I don’t want it.” There’s no Iron Man 4 in sight, at least not within the next 4 years, but if we get more Robert Downy Jr. in Homecoming I’ll be pleased as punch. I can’t wait to see young and old butt heads and crack wise as only these two characters we know so well can do.

Bravo Civil War, you made me a Spider-man believer again.

An open letter (err.. video) to SportsNet about Fan Expo

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On Friday, just as Fan Expo Canada was really kicking off for 2015, posted some coverage from the con. While at first I thought it was kinda cool that SportsNet was covering something a little outside of their normal realm, it also made sense, since they’re moving into the eSports field, a field dominated by folks pretty heavily entrenched in geek culture.

The content of the coverage was fairly lacklustre: a collection of pictures of people playing video games, some celebrity autograph booths and fans in cosplay. With each photo was a caption, the quality of which ranged from uninformed to condescending (a caption posted beneath a proud looking All-New, All Different Jessica Drew/Spider-woman cosplayer read, “I honestly don’t get this one”). As a geek and cosplayer myself I have a pretty thick skin; I’ve had my share of negative comments directed my way in my lifetime. I wasn’t personally offended by any of the captions (I can’t speak for those pictured), but what bothered me the most was how lazy this article came off as. For example, there was an image of a cosplayer in a bang-on costume of Caitlyn, a character from League of Legends who wears a Victorian-inspired outfit, complete with top-hat, and wields a huge steampunk sniper rifle. The caption read, “Did the Mad Hatter ever carry a sniper rifle?” Imagine how a passionate sports fan would respond if their hero were misidentified just as lackadaisically by a reporter who didn’t take the time to find out what they were writing about. I’m not calling this out as some sort of geek-cred contest; there are certainly many characters from all the thousands of things that fans are passionate about who I wouldn’t recognize, but League of Legends is one of the top eSports franchises. If SportsNet is going to put their foot in the eSports arena, they are going to need to up their game.

Geek culture and eSports go hand-in-hand, and while some sports fans are geeks, and vice versa, the sports fan and the geek each have their own communities, customs and even their own language. One thing sports fans and geeks definitely have in common though is that they are passionate, and I’m hoping if SportsNet is really serious about their eSports coverage, they’ll make the effort to be just as passionate and do it right. …and hey, if they need some help, they can reach out to geeks like us here at Geektropolis for a little guidance.

Update – After temporarily removing the article from their site, has re-posted the article Original SportsNet story and clarified a few of the lazier points and removed any condescending captions and replaced them with some fairly neutral (and some even positive) captions instead. We found some screen caps of the original Original post here.

– The Geektropolis Team

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Fan Expo 2015: The After Party Guide

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Fan Expo is Canada’s biggest annual geek convention.  Stacked with celebrities, activities, vendors and more, but the best part can sometimes be seeing all your friends.  It can be tough sometimes at a con so huge to get the chance to really socialize and still see everything else you wanted to, but don’t worry that’s where the after-parties come in!

The parties this year range from swanky, to glow in the dark, so whether you’re looking for more chances to show off your cosplay, want to party to live music, or dance to a DJ, this year’s Fan Expo night life has something for everyone.  You might also get lucky and bump into someone famous, as many of Fan Expo’s guests attend these parties officially, and some have been known to show up just for fun.  If the party scene isn’t quite your thing, we’ve even found a movie to catch if you just need a chance to put your feet up and chill from all the excitement.  Aside from the film, all of these events are 19+, so be sure to bring your ID – and remember, you have to con again in the morning, so be sure to drink lots of water!

Fan Expo Cosplay Kick-Off Party
Thursday – 9:00 pm
EFS Night Club – $10 – Limited tickets
Hosted by cosplay guests, Meg Turney, Kristen Hughey, Riddle, LeeAnna Vamp and Karli Woods.

Official Fan Expo After Party
Friday – 9:00 PM
Brassaii Lounge – $10 – Upscale dress code in effect
Hosted by InnerSpace‘s Teddy, Morgan and Ajay! The hottest music in the city by DJ Daf, drink specials, dance floor and some very special guests!

Nerd Noise Nite Fan Expo After-Party
September 4 & 5 – 9:00pm
The Horseshoe Tavern – $10
Nerd Noise Night is back with a special Fan Expo after party event with too much nerdy music to fit into one night. Onf Friday it’s Kirby Krackle, Wordburglar, More Or Les, Hervana, The Blast Processors, and Swamp Thing! On Saturday don’t miss Chuckie Campbell & The Phaction, Mad Dukez, Teenburger, Fresh Kils, jefftheworld, AND Toronto Transformers favourites The Cybertronic Spree. Live music, cosplay, prizes, drinks and some surprises.

Fan Expo Retro Glow Party
Saturday – 9:00 pm
Royal York Hotel Concert Hall – $15
Music by DJ Lazarus, with bar, dance floor and appearances by many of Fan Expo’s celebrity guests! Glow sticks will be provided and be sure to wear you best UV reactive clothing.

Fan Expo Horror Howl
Saturday – 9:00 pm
Revival Nightclub – $15
Live performances by Sideshow Entertainer Erica Furness and special musical guests, Cadillacs & Cadavers. DJ Jimi LaMort will be spinning all the scariest tunes.

Russelmania: Stargate
Saturday – 9:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox – $13
Stargate is a 1994 film about a super-butch Marine colonel (Kurt Russell) and a nerdy Egyptologist (James Spader) travel through an intergalactic portal to a hostile planet on the other side of the universe, in this popcorn-cruncher of a sci-fi spectacle from Independence Day director Roland Emmerich. This film is the patient zero that started the deluge of Stargate series like Stargate SG-1Stargate: ContinuumStargate: AtlantisStargate: The Ark of TruthStargate: Infinity, and SGU Stargate Universe.

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This Week’s Toronto Geek Events – July 20 to July 27

We’re into week 2 of the Panams, but there’s no shortage of Toronto Geek Events this week!This week looks like it’s gonna be a hot one, so cool down this week with a some geeky activities and more importantly Maker week. Go ahead, get out there and enjoy some geekery.

All WeekWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday

All Week


11AM to 6PM – Tuesday | 11AM to 8PM – Wed-Thu | 11AM to 6PM – Fri-Sun
3DXL – A Large-Scale 3D Printing Exhibition
Where: Design Exchange | 363 King Street West
What: This exhibition brings some of the world’s most innovative and challenging large-scale, never-before-seen 3D printed projects to Toronto.
More Info Here


10AM to 4PM – Mon-Fri | 10AM to 5PM – Sat-Sun

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition

Where: Ontario Science Centre | 770 Don Mills Road

What: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage’s Mythbusters exhibit in our very own backyard, you should check it out – and then just have fun at the Science Centre.

More Info Here


10AM to 4PM – Mon-Fri | 10AM to 5PM – Sat-Sun

Sports Science Arena
Where: Ontario Science Centre | 770 Don Mills Road

What: While you’re at the Science Centre enjoy the Mythbuster’s Exhibit you should go test your skills in aerodynamics and trajectory, ball physics and teamwork while getting hands-on with some of your favourite summer sports.

More Info Here

11AM to 6PM – Tuesday | 11AM to 8PM – Wed-Thu | 11AM to 6PM – Fri-Sun

Smarter. Faster. Tougher. An Exhibition on Sports, Fashion + Tech

Where: Design Exchange | 39 Parliament Street

What: The diverse world of sports permeates every aspect of our lives from health, fashion and culture to technology, design and architecture.

More Info Here


10AM to 4PM – Mon-Fri | 10AM to 5PM – Sat-Sun

The Prosthetic

Where: Ontario Science Centre | 770 Don Mills Road

What: The diverse world of sports permeates every aspect of our lives from health, fashion and culture to technology, design and architecture.

More Info Here


Wednesday, July 22nd


Wednesday-Saturday – 6:30PM

Superhero! A Zap! Bam! Pow! Murder Mystery

Where: Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre | 2026 Yonge Street

What: Participate in the solving of a Hilarious Whodunit. Join other Fans and Celebrities, and employ your super-deductive powers to help ‘Canadian SHIELD’ solve a despicable crime in this super hero themed interactive murder mystery. Tickets are available for dinner and show, or show only.

More Info Here


Thursday, July 23rd


Maker Festival: Make it Glow Launch Party & Electric Runway
Where: 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education | 918 Bathurst Street
What: Participate in the solving of a Hilarious Whodunit. Join other Fans and Celebrities, and employ your super-deductive powers to help ‘Canadian SHIELD’ solve a despicable crime in this super hero themed interactive murder mystery. Tickets are available for dinner and show, or show only.
More Info Here

Secret Loves of Geek Girls Panel and Reception
Where: Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace | 862 Richmond Street West
What: Participate in the solving of a Hilarious Whodunit. Join other Fans and Celebrities, and employ your super-deductive powers to help ‘Canadian SHIELD’ solve a despicable crime in this super hero themed interactive murder mystery. Tickets are available for dinner and show, or show only.
More Info Here

TIFF in your Park: Hugo
Where: Union Station | 65 Front Street West
What: Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Brian Selznick’s best-seller The Invention of Hugo Cabret is both a thrilling adventure and an exquisitely crafted ode to the birth of cinema.
More Info Here


Friday, July 24th


July 24 – July 26
Where: Hamilton Convention Centre | Hamilton
What: ConBravo is three jam-packed days of fun, with concerts, games, panels, live game shows, vendors, artists, and so much more.
More Info Here


7:00PM – 9:00PM
Illusionist Ivan Amodei
Where: The King Edward Hotel | 37 King Street East
What: Filled with world-class magic, fantastic story-telling, audience participation and incredible live music by Celine Dion’s concert cellist, this intimate performance weaves original, thought-provoking illusions, wit, humor, and dazzling live music together with an entertaining theatrical twist.
More Info Here

Pixels Movie Premiere and Party
Where: Rainbow Cinemas Market Square | 80 Front Street East
What: Celebrate the premier of Pixels with Stage Select Gaming Expo an the Toronto Dandies. This is a licensed event, come early to play Blindfold Pacman.
More Info Here


Saturday, July 25th


Saturday & Sunday
Good Game Con Featuring C9 Hai and TSM Kripp
Where: Hunter & Lucas eSport Club | 2-195 Bentworth Avenue
What: Meet and greets with League pros Hai and Kripp, League of Legends LCS live stream on a 200” screen, 100 gaming PCs for League and Hearthstone tounries as well other games, offical merch, tons of giveaways, a cosplay contest with $200 up for grabs.
More Info Here


Maker Festival: Needle Felting Crash Course
Where: The Knit Cafe | 55 Roncesvalles Avenue
What: Create 3-dimensional forms by manipulating fluffy fleece into firm felt in this workshop.
More Info Here


X Musical (at ConBravo)
Where: Hamilton Convention Centre | Hamilton
What: Fandom Musicals returns to ConBravo with a new parody show. X Musical tells the story of group of mutant heroes working together to face a powerful enemy.
More Info Here


Maker Festival: Sew Your Own Plush Toy Cell
Where: Action Potential Lab | 451 Christie Street
What: Join Karina in making a cell creature sculpture pillow. You will learn hand sewing techniques (no previous experience necessary) and cell anatomy in the creation of a cute (or creepy!) organism.
More Info Here


Maker Festival: HackLab.TO Birthday Party
Where: Action Potential Lab | 451 Christie Street
What: In anticipation of Maker Festival, HackLab will be putting finishing touches on their projects and showing them off, plus helping anyone who need assistance with theirs. Everybody is welcome, you don’t have to be a member. Tours given, questions answered, go see the space and meet interesting people. BBQ food and sodas available, feel free to bring your own food as well and BYOB.
More Info Here


TAIS Animation Showcase and Psychedelic Anijam
Where: Cinecycle | 129 Spadina Avenue
What: The Toronto Animated Image Society‘s annual showcase of new independent animated work from Canada and beyond feature content from artist-run centres, schools, animation blogs, festivals and markets around the world as well as the great talent in our own local community.
More Info Here


Air Guitar Canada National Championships
Where: The Mod Club | 722 College Street West
What: Air Guitar Canada is a Not for Profit Organization rocking out for world peace and helping children facing adversity. They are the official Canadian licensee of the World Air Guitar Championships – the Canadian champion will win a trip to Finland, the home of Air Guitar, to face off against the world’s best. Or just come and rock out to the show.
More Info Here


Sunday, July 26th


Matsuri 2015 – Toronto Japanese Summer Festival
Where: Yonge-Dundas Square | 1 Dundas Street East
What: The Toronto Japanese Summer Festival is an exploration of Japanese and Japanese-Canadian community, and a celebration of Japan, its culture, art, and cuisine. With live music and dance performances, a market featuring the best of Toronto’s Japanese food, and new this year of interest to us geeks, a Harajuku & Cosplay Fashion Contest!
More Info Here


Cartoon Coach
Where: Silver Snail | 329 Yonge Street
What: Cartoon Coach is not a level based drawing course. It is a week to week discipline, not unlike Music or Martial Arts. Every week there will be something new to learn, every week there will be inspiration and although sometimes they’ll jump back and visit the foundation, they are always building towards developing the skills a young artist requires to exceed their goals.
More Info Here


Maker Festival: Make Change Conference
Where: STEAMLabs | 192 Spadina Avenue
What: Make Change is a one day conference bringing together professional makers, makerspace organizers, educators and enthusiasts to explore the growing influence of maker culture as a force for change in Toronto. The conference includes talks, panels, critical discussion and lunch at Toronto’s newest makerspace, STEAMLabs, in downtown Toronto.
More Info Here



Atomic Lollipop: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Atomic Lollipop Comes to the Ontario Science Centre, July 17-19 2015

Many conventions claim to be the “premiere” geek experience, or the “most unique” geek gathering, and that’s usually a matter of opinion.  Atomic Lollipop however, inarguably takes the cake (cake-pop?) for being the most performance-centric and interactive geek convention in Toronto.  Focusing less on vendors areas and celebrity meet-and-greets (although those are still present), Atomic Lollipop packs it’s schedule full of one-of-a-kind experiences – it’s a convention that’s less about seeing and more about doing.  Most attractions at the event are aimed at creating as much audience participation as possible.

Events like the Prozzäk reunion concert and classic Much Music Video Dance Party also highlight APop’s tilt towards 90s nostalgia, which makes sense since many of the events the convention boasts are 18+, making this Toronto’s most mature geek gathering as well (okay, so some of us will be dressed as Pokemon, but I said most mature).  Some of the 18+ events include nerdy burlesque shows, geek speed-dating (so you can get the “League or DOTA?” question out of the way early), hentai bingo (also hentai art critique-ing and hentai Pictionary!), “would-you-rather” panels and the infamous “D**K or no D**k?“, a game in which participants guess whether or not a dick-pic will appear when clicking links on a ‘popular website’ (I know many of us play this game at home when receiving snapchats and IMs – now you can play with others too!)

There are plenty of ‘active’ activities, like a giant lightsaber melee, a huge Nerf-gun battle, bouncy jousting, a kigurumi fight club, zombie survival training, archery tag and laser tag.  Or check out a workshop on how to draw anime, audition for voice talent, create plush friends or learn to beat-box.  Gamers haven’t been forgotten either, there’s an 8-bit arcade with plenty of cabinets, pinball tables and even DDR machines (all free with con admission) and a console arcade for friendly tourneys with all your console faves across the generations.

Amidst the chaos there will be several scavenger hunts to take part in.  Search for the legendary Dragon Balls hidden around the event, snap pics of your favourite Pokemon for Professor Oak, capture images of super-heroes for the Daily Bugle and keep an eye open for house hippos!

Did we mention cosplay?  There will be plenty of cosplay workshops, competitions, photobooths and other events so be sure to dress up if that’s your thing.

If any of this stuff has piqued your interest, be sure to check out our top 5 highlights video and check out APop’s full schedule of events.  Most of the Geektropolis staff will be attending and we hope to run into you there (if you can recognize us in our cosplays)!

Where’s My Geektropolis?

Welcome to Geektropolis!

We’re rebuilding how we tell you what’s going on in Toronto. It will be just a little while longer. Come back in mid-March to find a great-looking easy-to-use Toronto geek events calendar, with video about each event.

During the next few weeks, we’ll also be adding video profiles of the places where geek events happen and the awesome people who create geek events and other great geek content in Toronto.

Geektropolis will ultimately be the go-to resource covering the people, places, and communities that makes Toronto, Canada’s geek mecca.

PS – Give us some love on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ until March 13th for a chance to win tickets to Star Trek (2009) Live at the Sony Centre.

Play It Friday – Week of December 19th

Things to Play in Toronto: this week we have a special glowy rave and a regular manhunt!

Click Here For The Video Update

League of Legends Holiday Glow Party

Monday December 22nd – Virgin Mobile Mod Club (722 College Street W)
Starts at 9:00 pm
Glow paint, glow sticks, and glow bracelets for everyone! Participate in the many League of Legends related activities and entertainment, including a cosplay contest with $350 in cash prizes plus merchandise. Swag giveaways all night long with music provided by the one and only Cyruss Sanchez of Mi Casa Records! All ages with a 19+ area.

Manhunt: East York

Friday December 26th – Southeast corner of Main Street and Danforth Ave
Starts at 9:00pm – Free
Another Manhunt/Fugitive event. Go out and be awesome!

Glown photo by SATOSHI TOMIYAMA, via Flickr

See It Thursday – Week of December 18th

On our ‘See It’ update this week, we tell you about the 3 classic masterpieces playing in our city. It’s a good week for film geeks.

Click Here For The Video Update

2001: A Space Odyessy in 70mm

Friday December 19th – TIFF Lightbox (350 King Street W)
Starts at 6:15 pm

 Black Christmas

Friday December 19th – The Royal Cinema (608 College Street)
Starts at 7:00 pm
40th Anniversary Screening Presented by Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada & Rue Morgue Magazine featuring special guest actor Art Hindle & more.

Metropolis Screening with Live Score

Sunday December 21st – ROUND venue (152a Augusta Ave)
Starts at 8:00 pm
Live score by synthpop artists Glass Apple Bonzai and a raffle for some original artwork by Karen Stewart.

Metropolis’ Photo by Breve Storia del Cinema, via Flickr

Share It Wednesday – Week of December 17th

What are we sharing this week? Potter and nostalgia! Rejoice, the world is good.

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Potted Potter

Now until January 11th – Panasonic Theatre (651 Yonge Street)
Potted Potter condenses all seven Harry Potter books (and a real life game of Quidditch) into seventy hilarious minutes. This fantastically funny show features all your favourite characters, a special appearance from a fire-breathing dragon, endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic!

Flashman! A re-created 1930s Radio Play

Sunday December 21st – Spadina Museum (285 Spadina Rd)
Shows at 1:00 & 3:00 pm
1930s radio hero Flashman! is back for a live re-creation of a 1930s radio show, including sound effects! This is the final show, so if you missed it last week, this is your last chance!

“The Making of Harry Potter 29-05-2012” photo by Karen Roe, via Flickr

Do It Tuesday – Week of December 16th

Today on ‘Do It’: Owls! And Coconuts? Intrigued?

Click Here For The Video Update

Adults Only Owl Prowl

Thursday December 18th – Humber Arboretum (205 Humber College Blvd)
Starts at 7:00 pm
Separate fact from fiction about these beautiful creatures, learn their calls and much more. Screech & Barred Owls have already been sighted and hopefully regular visitors the Great Horned and Long Eared owls will show up soon.

Coconut Christmas Zine and Maker Fair

Saturday Dec 20 – Xspace Cultural Centre (303 Lansdowne Ave, Unit 2)
Starts at 12:00 pm
The fifth annual Christmas Zine & Maker Fair! This year’s theme is CHRISTMAS COCONUTS + CLUB MED. They will be selling zines, comics, small press, prints, t-shirts, tote bags, jewelry, crafts and other handmade multiples!

Perched snowy owl in Vermillion, MN photo by m01229, via Flickr