A Pageview To A Kill


A Pageview To A Kill - LogoOn December 7th, private investigator Lucy Thomas is forced to ask Toronto’s geeks for help in identifying a murder victim and finding the killer in this exciting weeks-long collaborative mystery game set in an alternate reality Toronto.

Inspired by Marvel’s Alias comic book series and Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, this alternate reality game (ARG) will have players interact with characters from the story, solve puzzles online and search for clues in physical locations in Toronto.

Players will also be rewarded throughout the game with special prizes for solving game clues. As well, the player that solves the last puzzle, the identity of our killer, will win the grand prize package that includes the original single issue printing of Marvel’s Alias comics, the comics that introduced Jessica Jones to the world.

The mystery started December 7th and play is limited to 500 players, but you can still… Join The Investigation!

Already signed up? Go to the Caseboard by clicking here

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Who is Lucy Thomas?

A Pageview To A Kill - Lucy Thomas profile photoLucy Thomas is the protagonist in A Pageview to a Kill, She is a private investigator at Thomas Investigations. Actually, she is the only investigator at Thomas Investigations. She is also IT, reception, HR and her own assistant – partly because she can’t afford it and partly because she’s “frugal”. So when not in the office, she still sits around a lot, mostly taking photos and doing research. She mostly works within the law, but she also knows that there is a time and a place to bend it. It’s better than being a bodyguard.

She used to work in Personal Security, one of the obvious career paths for a former mixed martial arts fighter. However, after years of very boring assignments consisting of standing around, she decided that she would use her natural smarts and study to get her investigator’s license.

Things have not been going well lately, self-employed, she’s too busy for friends and relationships and the work comes in unpredictable waves. The only breaks she’s had lately were literal ones, to her leg, so her mobility isn’t so great at the moment. She’s been virtually trapped at home for a couple of days, and she is bored to tears.

She’s generally a good person, though she’s done stuff she isn’t proud of in the past and not so distant past. Sometimes that comes back to bite her in the ass.

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Gameplay Details

The goal of A Pageview To A Kill is for players to help our protagonist, Lucy Thomas find out what happened, as expressed in the trailer.


Once players are registered on geektropolis.ca/game, they will receive game status updates and missions from Lucy. They will range from having to solve puzzles to following clues to real-life physical locations throughout Toronto, over what’s expected to be a 12-day period.

The game is co-operative, once 1 person solves a puzzle or completes a mission, the next stage will be unlocked for all players.
Puzzle solving will require a variety of general knowledge, from pattern recognition to math problem solving to…ahh, that would be telling.

Players will be rewarded throughout the game. There is a special prize for the first person to solve each puzzle or find the physical object within the missions. If you think you have the right answer, email it to Lucy at the address provided when you registered to play the game.  If you are the first person to submit a correct answer, you can expect to receive a notification email within one hour of answer submission.

Since Lucy will continue to work the case from her end, you can expect three (3) mission hints to be provided at intervals throughout the day to help players solve missions or puzzles (unless they have already been resolved by another player). A new mission will be launched once the previous mission is solved, until someone submits the final mission answer and the mystery is solved.

The player who solves the last mission, the identity of our killer, will win the grand prize package that includes the original single issue printing of Marvel’s Alias comics, the comics that introduced Jessica Jones to the world.

Things To Remember While You’re Playing:
You may wish to read the Terms and Conditions for a full picture of everything you’re agreeing to by signing up to play ‘A Pageview To A Kill‘. However, these are the basic points we’d like you to remember:

  • Be nice. Have fun. This is a collaborative game. If you don’t win today’s prize, you may win tomorrow’s. We have puzzles for different brains and different types of people, including the stay-at-home and the go-out-on-adventures types. You can play only one or as many puzzles as you want.
  • Be reasonable. We’ve set up the game so the rules, the procedures and the outcome are as clearly set out and fair as we can make them. This is our first (of what will hopefully be many) alternate reality games. If you’re concerned about anything, give us a shout to mayor@geektropolis.ca and we’ll do our best to sort things out quickly and fairly.
  • When you register, you can expect to receive about one email per day during the game period. When the game is over, we may also send you a feedback survey, to improve the game for next time, and then an invitation to the next game. That’s it.
  • We won’t sell your private information to anyone else. We’ll use it to make the game work smoothly, to tell people if you win a prize, for those 2 emails mentioned above, and then to improve and market the next iteration of the game.
  • Note that some of the prizes may have conditions or restrictions attached to them. For example, several of our prizes are tickets to venues and shows that require players to be at least 19 years old to enter.
  • If you travel to a real-life location, look up the opening hours before you go. Be respectful of that location, and careful with their products and their place. We’ve hidden the thing you’re looking for in a spot that doesn’t require you to tear anything apart or upset any displays, for example.example. 
Items that are part of the game will be easily identifiable as such by the Geektropolis logo (The letter “G” inside the image of a gear) affixed or attached to said item. If the logo does not appear on an item, it is not part of the game.)
  • Don’t give away anything that might ruin the game for everyone else.  The fun is in the hunt! And of course, in the prizes!
  • Be Careful. We want you to be safe and have fun as you solve this mystery.

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Grand Prize:

For the player who solves the final puzzle, this package includes the original 2001 single issue printing of Marvel’s Alias comics, the comics that introduced Jessica Jones to the world.

Other Prizes:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does this cost?
    The game is completely free. We will be looking for feedback once it’s complete, so we may ask you for a few minutes of your time to answer some questions, but in terms of money, this game is free to play. Send any comments while you’re playing to mayor@geektropolis.ca.
  • How much time is this game going to require?
    Lucy will be posting videos as each mission or puzzle is complete, to set up the next one, so that’ll be be 1-2 minutes of your time. After that, it’s really how much effort you want to put into solving that day’s puzzle or mission. You could assume another player will solve it and do nothing, but where is the fun in that? Plus, you don’t win any of the prizes that way.
  • How long does the game last in total?
    A Pageview To A Kill is expected to last 12 days.
  • Do I have to play the whole game?
    Nope. The first to solve each mission wins a prize, so you are free to play some or all of the missions. The person who solves the last puzzle, discovering the killer’s identity, will win the grand prize package, which includes the original single issue printing of Marvel’s Alias Comics.
  • I read the word co-operative, am I going to have to talk to strangers?
    Nope. The co-operative aspect is that when one players solves a puzzle or completes a mission, the next mission/puzzle is unlocked for all players. That said, if you want to talk to each to other, and help each other out, we’re all for it. Meeting fellow geeks is a great idea. Might be worth checking out the Geektropolis Facebook community to chat on line.
  • There was mention of hidden objects, am I going to have to go outside to play this game?
    Not if you don’t want to. Some of the missions will require going to specific locations to find physical objects. You’d have to leave your house for that.Some of the missions and puzzles will be online, and you can do that from where ever you want. That said, the locations involved are actually pretty cool, so you might actually enjoy checking them out.
  • How will I know what if an object is part of the game?
    Any item relating to the game will be clearly identifiable by the Geektropolis logo, a large “G” in the centre of a gear. That will be affixed to each object. (and a photo of item you are looking for will be shown in Lucy’s notes for that mission). A good rule of thumb, if you aren’t sure if the item is related to the game, it isn’t. We will be very clear what are our items.
  • If I go to a physical location as part of the game, is that going to cost me money?
    No. There is no entry fees to any of these places. They may have items for sale (unrelated to the game, just part of their business) but you won’t be required to buy anything. We encourage you look around though, we have very specifically involved each location, because we’re geeks and we like them.
  • Do I have to be in Toronto to play?
    Um, yeah, Kinda. This is a Toronto based story and it’s aimed directly at geeks in the GTA. You could follow along and maybe even solve some of the online, but a lot of the prizes are for Toronto based events so they’ll be no good to you if you aren’t in the city (and we won’t ship anything outside the GTA) 
  • What are these prizes you keep talking about?
    The grand prize will include the complete 28 single issues of Alias, the comic book that Jessica Jones debuted in (worth approx $200!) 

    Other prizes include…. 

  • How can I contact the game organizers?
    Email Geektropolis using mayor@geektropolis.ca